Setting Up Your Yoga Studio at Home

You know that instant sense of calm you receive when opening the doors of your yoga studio, the greeting you receive when the smell of lemongrass diffusing comes to meet your senses, or that soothing music you feel washing over you as settle into your shavasana, signalling to your mind and body to rest easy, as you’ve completed your practice. Don’t be fooled about how impactful these small touches can have upon your overall yoga experience, and best believe, they weren’t placed by accident.

These are the collective elements, letting your senses know where you are, and that you came here to breathe deeply and move mindfully! Due to increasing work schedules, travel and other commitments, we find ourselves more often than not, unable to make it to our usual yoga class or studio, and so we take our practice to our homes!

Setting the scene when practising at home needn’t seem like an obsolete, nor a daunting task. Preparing yourself, and your space, means you can truly receive the most from your practice, allowing you to come into mindset, get your body moving and energy flowing, all in the comfort of your own surroundings.

Considering these small tweaks when aiming to optimise your space at home

Acknowledge the appealing elements

What is it about your usual Yoga environment that you like? Is it the music, the people, the colour scheme? While you may not be able to completely replicate your familiar set up, you can take inspiration from it. Move with friends via online conferencing, recreate the calm with candles and soft lightening, stick on your favourite playlist and submerge yourself in your surroundings.

Get Dressed For The Occasion

As fortunate as we are to have discovered ‘Athleisure’ wear, and how redundant jeans now seem since having made the transition from denim to lycra, it has blurred the lines between clothes for when we’re practising, or just stylishly lounging. Just as you would set yourself up for when heading to your local class or studio, aim to consciously make an effort to swap from one set of clothes to another as you set up to move.

Consider Your Options

Not all living situations allow for a quiet, private and spacious enough setting to take your practice home with you, but consider your options. Do you have a garden or outdoor space that could lend to a vitamin D filled experience? Maybe you live near or close to some public parks, offering a suitable area to move. Becoming increasingly popular, yoga outdoors can lend to the community aspect, and spacious set up you also enjoy in your usual surroundings.

Stay Focused with Deep Breathing

When practising Yoga at home, our mind may be in the realm of ‘in-between’, knowing we want to move, but not truly allowing yourself to feel and function as though you’re in a class environment, allowing distractions to arise and maintaining a half focus on being in the sitting room. It may also be worth mentioning that this location usually spells Netflix, and not Yoga! Practising deep breathing before any form of movement allows you to come into focus, reconfirm why you’re here, acknowledging the effort you’ve made to show up and see this practice through. Through deep breathing, a centered focus can aid in manifesting the sense of achievement you’ll feel once you’ve completed you’ve finished.

Taking your yoga practice into your home, and replicating what you deem to be your space harnesses an all encompassing experience, with the small things recreating a safe, and sensational environment!

See you on the Mat,

Niamh @ Bare Life Yoga X

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